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Elegance in Whites

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

There is nothing so classic as a stunning bouquet designed in whites and greens. Eye catching and timeless - monochromatic colour schemes flow well with any occasion. Highlighting a special event with a tone-on-tone look can encourage a sense of calm.

Designing with a single hue doesn’t have to be boring. Using lights and darks within the hue creates depth in your design and a feeling of serenity.

Mixing in whites or creams is another good solution to break up the palette without straying too far from the floral color theme.

Florals come in many textures, sizes and shapes. Having those choices adds interest, as well as, dupes for a more expensive product. A terrific dupe for a more expensive Dahlia would be a White Snowball Chrysanthemum. Very tasteful, equally as gorgeous and lasts much longer (less expensive)

When designing a bouquet, my top 5 Greens are Cat Palm for drama and length, Jasmine Vine for aroma and drapery, Pittisporum for a deep green colour to add depth, Tree Fern for added wispiness, and Sword Fern for a POP of light green. My top 5 for White are Mums for their boldness, Spray Mums to add a secondary focus, Tea Roses for a delicate, romantic look, Wax Flower for aroma and accessorizing. And Scented Stock for its amazing fragrance and drapiness.

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